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TWB Therapies Limited

  • Graduate of the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM)
  • Level Five (5) Diploma in Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Member of the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM)
  • “Rock Doc” Practitioner for Rock-Tape UK.

The majority of general aches and pains caused by lifestyle stresses are soft tissue conditions affecting muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Although these injuries / conditions may recover over time, this is often not the case and as a result develop into more serious complex issues.

Massage can alleviate symptoms, address underlying causes, promoting mobility and general well-being.

Studies into the benefits of massage have identified that massage is a positive way to ease tired and sore muscles after a tough workout. Even a ten minute sports massage, post event can reduce inflammation, aiding body recovery.

It is identified that the health benefits of massage extend way beyond soothing aches and pains.

Remedial massage has been utilised as a method of recovery for many years, but is now clinically recognised that massage is far more beneficial than initially appreciated.

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Promote relaxation & general well being
  • Aid injury prevention
  • Assist recovery
  • Improve muscle flexibility & tone
  • Improve lymphatic flow
  • Re-model adhesions and scar tissue
  • Aid mental preparation for sporting participation
  • Promote & improve circulation
  • Aid interstitial permeability

All Massage Therapy Treatments:

Duration Prices
30 Minutes £20.00
60 Minutes £40.00

15 Minute Massage with Kinesiology Taping from £10.00

Re-Taping from £5.00

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