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Explaining Sport Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

A ‘Sport & Soft Tissue Therapist / Masseur’ treats clients with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction often caused by sporting activities, occupation, posture, stress & tension.

Tracy integrates three essential clinical elements:

What To Expect


Your first appointment will include a complimentary fifteen to thirty-minute consultation period, therefore please accommodate that additional time into your appointment.

It is recommended that ‘first appointments’ are of one hour in duration, (plus the consultation period), however where appropriate treatment periods can be specifically suited to the client’s needs.

Medical case history and details of any current medication will be required during this initial consultation.

A full postural assessment may also take place to help provide explanation for the discomfort, pain and potential issue.

Post treatment:

Massage is extremely stimulating to your circulation & lymphatic system. Not only will you benefit from hydrating following your treatment, the massage will have stimulated your lymph system, so the water will help flush toxins out of your body.

Sometimes, especially after deeper ‘Soft Tissue’ therapies, your muscles may feel a little tender, this will subside after 24 to 48 hours and you should feel looser, more relaxed and free of pain.

You will receive advice, guidance & where appropriate, bespoke rehabilitation programs will be designed for clients to strengthen weak muscles / stretch tight muscle fibres and assist in continued recovery and development.

Where circumstance prevail that ‘Massage & Soft Tissue Therapies’ are not appropriate treatments, then the client will be informed immediately and guidance offered regarding other medical practitioners & specialists.

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist

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